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day in the life

Highlighting the everyday life of a couple living well with a slow-growing cancer. Life isn’t always easy, and there will certainly be sorrows and losses along the way. But being alive is good. It is very good.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Ready for some football

We havent had television in maybe six years. I think it was because our set quit working, and we didnt have time to watch TV, then they came out with the new digital stuff, and well ... we just never got around to getting another TV.

But while we were in SunRiver last weekend, Hubby watched quite a bit of college and pro ball, and it seemed that he stayed awake more. So I talked him into getting cable for football season.

I emailed some friends who had offered once to loan us a spare television. Wondering if their offer was still good.

They called back. “This is going to sound awkward, but in lieu of flowers, wed like to pay for the cable during football season.

Hubby and I both got a little misty-eyed over this incredibly thoughtful gesture. Instead of buying flowers after Hubbys gone, they want to do something that would bring enjoyment while hes still here. 

Meanwhile, we received an unexpected check in the mail, so we bought a flat-screen TV. The cable guy showed up last evening, and Hubby is now in business.



Are you ready for some football?!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Kid in a candy store

Humor me one last birthdayversary post.

Before we left home for this four-day weekend in the woodswhich ends today, sadly—a package arrived in the mail.

Hubby wore the cutest grin as he unwrapped the box. And then unwrapped the individual items inside.


Kid in a candy store. Literally.

A mini-balloon. Izze beverages. Champagne glasses. Mixed nuts. Playing cards. Candy. Gum. DVDs. Microwave popcorn. A You make me happy sign. Green bills with instructions to go out to dinner ... or order in.

The package came from one of Hubbys nieces. Brittany. One of several beautiful young women who love their uncle. Despite the fact that he teased them all mercilessly as they were growing up. Or maybe because of it.

Notice the dark green card with a white coffee cup in the foreground. It mysteriously disappeared from the collection of gifts shortly after the box was opened.

I’m pretty sure its in a safe place.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Actual birthday

You may remember that Hubby insists on getting to eat whatever he wants on his birthday. A break from my enforced healthful eating these past ten years.

This year, he thought it would be fun to barbecue burgers. Real burgers. Not turkey burgers.

I made oven fries, and cut up a salad and some cantaloupe. And of course there was the infamous German Chocolate Cake.

The problem with all that? Hubbys been eating whatever he wants for the past couple months, so breaking the rules isnt quite as exciting as it used to be.

Were enjoying our last full day at this vacation cabin. We just got back from a bike ride. I let Hubby set the pace and go the distance he wanted to go. From Harpers Bridge out to the marina. He probably rode too far. But it was what he wanted to do.

Horses grazing along the trail. Purple mountains majestic in the background.


River traffic with just a hint of fall foliage.


A coyote on the alert, sharing the field with a four-legged beauty.


When we got back to the cabin, Hubby took his second nap at the kitchen table. A newly-discovered sleep position that relieves pressure off his back and kidneys.


As I write this, he’s dozing on the couch next to me. His third nap of the day. And it wont be his last.

I brought homework with me this weekend. The hospice social worker handed me a booklet on death and dying. This would be good to read, shed said.

Here’s what it says about sleeping: Interestingly, the normal sleeping pattern during the dying process is virtually identical to the normal sleeping pattern of newborns: off and on around the clock.

This describes Hubbys sleeping pattern. To a tee. But he isnt anywhere near the place described in the booklet. His exhaustion and drowsiness come from cancer-related pain and meds.

These frequent naps arent because he only has weeks left to live. They’re because he got out today and rode several miles on a bike. Because hes still enjoying life and living it as full out as possible.

I love this time of year. I love the colors, the cooler temperatures, new beginnings as in school days and football season. I love Thanksgiving, the promise of snow, and the thought of winter holidays just around the corner.

One more birthday, one more shared anniversary. Priceless gifts, these. Because Hubby wasnt suppose to live this long.

Happy first day of autumn. Happy birthday. And happy anniversary, my love.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

German Chocolate Cake

When Daughter Summer and Oldest Granddaughter Lilly were visiting in June, Hubby requested nagged, harassed, harangued the girls to bake a German Chocolate Cake. (Were talking daily harassment here.)

The last from-scratch GCC I baked was ten years ago. Pre-cancer days. (Well actually, I experimented once with whole wheat pastry flour and Fruit Sweet and a healthy butter substitute. I can hear Hubbys brothers now: You did what to German Chocolate Cake?!)

And so, I brought ingredients and round cake pans to this vacation rental. White flour. White sugar. Real butter.


And ingredients for homemade coconut pecan frosting. Because German Chocolate Cake isnt GCC without coconut pecan frosting.


Even though Hubbys birthday isnt until tomorrow, I thought we should get started early. Since its going to take us a while to eat the whole thing.

So last evening, while college football played itself out on the large screen, I baked a German Chocolate Cake.


The only problem was, we had eaten a late lunch (I brought plenty of food for the weekend, but Hubby showed me a new recipe that looked good, so guess who dropped what she was doing, made a trip to the local grocer, and baked a Taco Casserole).

Which means we werent hungry for dinner until about 8:00 last night. And neither of us wanted to stay up until midnight to be hungry enough for cake.

Confession: One of us may have had a piece of German Chocolate Cake for breakfast.



Saturday, September 20, 2014

Celebrating milestones

We didnt quite make it to Alaska to celebrate our anniversary and Hubbys birthday a long story that has to do with ureteral stents.

But we are celebrating in SunRiver. Where weve rented a vacation cabin with sloping rooflines and wood-lined ceilings and nothing but trees out the front wall of windows. 


Birdhouse on the back deck

And where I stayed in pajamas until 10:38 this morning. First sign that it was going to be a great day.



By late morning, we were cycling near the river. Hubby leading the way. Taking us further down the paved path than I thought he would. Hoo-ray for some energy restored.



Just about your perfect day. And its not even over.

If Hubby can figure out the three remotes and how theyre related to each other, then weve got Oregon Ducks to watch. If this cabin has access to the right channel. If Hubby can figure out the remotes.



And this is only the first day of a four-day weekend. Love long weekends with Hubby. In a cabin. Under impossibly tall trees. With a river flowing nearby.


Monday, September 15, 2014

New recipes

Hubby *liked* a recipe page, and now full-color food pictures scroll across his Facebook page. Daily.

Hmmm, that looks good, hell say, as he hits the print button, where it travels wirelessly, where I pick it up off the printer, shop and cook. All from the comfort of his chair. He doesnt have to move a muscle until he hears, Dinners ready. 

Crab-stuffed mushrooms. Broccoli Cheese Bites. Easy Cupcake Lasagna. Scalloped Potato Gratin. These are the things that sound good to Hubby.

And at this point in the journey, anything that sounds good is fair game. Although I did veto the Baked Cheddar Chicken because it called for chicken rolled in crushed Cheese Puffs. Cheese Puffs? I dont think so.

Yesterday I made Chicken Parmigiana. Chicken breasts pounded thin, slathered in flour, dipped in egg, coated with panko bread crumbs, cooked two minutes on both sides in hot olive oil, layered with pasta sauce and mozzarella cheese, and then baked for seven minutes. Served over fettuccini.


Chicken Parmigiana

Sometimes Hubby has some pretty good ideas.


Friday, September 12, 2014

More pep

When we moved into this tiny duplex, Hubby attached a rubber ball to a rope and hung it from the garage ceiling. To mark the place where we should stop.


Even with the hanging rubber ball, Hubbys standard greeting usually includes directing my landing into the garage. Much like those guys on the tarmac with the oversized headsets that motion the airplanes to their berths. (Just in case Im not smart enough to stop when the windshield hits the rubber ball.)

Lately, though, Hubby hasnt felt like directing much of anything. I hate to admit this, but Ive missed his *back-seat driving.*

Which brings us to yesterday. Yesterday, wearing his cute, mischievous grin, Hubby heard the garage door open and came to greet me, hand signals guiding me to the berth.

And then he helped me wrestle a mattress and box springs out of the guest room to make room for a hospital bed.

And then early this morning I hear the vacuum cleaner running. The patient is vacuuming the guest room in preparation for the delivery of his own hospital bed. What is wrong with this picture?

So I say, if he can do my job of vacuuming, then I can do his job of trying out the new hospital bed.


Settling in with books, knitting and hot honeyed tea

My heart is full of gladness that Hubby has a bit more energy, and that maybe an adjustable hospital bed will provide a better night’s sleep for him.

That is, if he can drag me out of my new favorite comfy spot.


Friday, September 5, 2014

One of my mothers

You already know I have fabulous co-workers, particularly the three lovely young women with whom I share an office.

Two of them—Jessica and Alycia—found me in a less-traveled waiting area of the hospital on Wednesday. Hubby was having an outpatient procedure.

The first thing Jessica asked was, “Did you eat today?” As if its any of her business.

She went back to the hospital café and purchased a protein-infused fruit smoothie. Mango.


Jessica with mango

Jessica. One of three mothers in my office. All around the age of my daughter.

Hubby and I are surrounded by so many incredible people, and held by so many prayers.

For which we are exceedingly grateful. For the rest of our lives.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Thoughts from a hospital waiting area

Im writing this from a darkened hospital pod, Hubby dozing nearby under a warm blanket prepped for outpatient surgery.

I’m tired. And I suppose I shouldn’t write when I’m tired. But there are thoughts tumbling around in my head waiting to get organized.

Once upon a time, Hubby and I were panel guests, along with a doctor, administrator and social worker, at a hospice care conference. I remember expressing my concern about knowing when hospice should get involved. Wouldn’t it be nice if palliative and hospice care were introduced as part of the overall cancer team early on so the caregiver doesn’t have to make the decision about when and if to call in reinforcements?

As it turns out, getting hospice involved was as simple as the oncologist’s referral. Up to this point, he said to us on Tuesday, all the care has been focused on the patient. But who’s taking care of her? He pointed toward me. Hospice will help take care of the caregiver, too.” My eyes teared up. 

Its a good idea to get them involved early, he said. “Instead of waiting for a crisis, he said.

I’m a planner by nature. I want a general idea of where we’ll spend Thanksgiving this year. And Christmas. I want to know if its wise to book an Alaskan cruise for our anniversary later this month.


Apparently there’s quite a bit hospice can do for the terminal patient and his/her family. Social work. Paperwork. Helping access at-home medical supplies. Even assist with certain aspects of an Alaskan cruise.

Getting hospice involved doesn’t mean Hubby’s moving into Hospice House to die. It means more members of a care team dedicated to Hubby’s health and welfare.

And apparently to my health and welfare. Which is a comforting thought. Because all this is overwhelming at times. And I’m exhausted.

Thoughts from a hospital waiting area.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Down a lazy river

We floated down a lazy river with Hubby’s siblings this morning and ...


... I’m sorry to report that they’re still acting like tourists.


At one point, sis-in-law broke out into a rendition of Kumbaya. Which was better than bro-in-laws Its a Small World. (I know, I know. It was good there was very little river traffic today.)

I used to not be able to sit still and do nothing. Maybe it was because I found my worth in being productive. In checking things off my to-do lists.

But here’s something that Hubby’s cancer is teaching me as our lifestyle has slowed down a bit lately: Enjoy the pace.

Appreciate every breath. Notice the beauty. And the peace.

Take pleasure in every slow river float.


We were in no danger of exceeding the posted speed limit. Which is exactly what we had in mind for this lazy morning on the river.


Side note: Mom-in-law wasn’t so sure about getting into a raft with her offspring. But I hafta say, I think she had the most fun today.



Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Today’s plan—with Hubby’s siblings visiting—was to browse through the quiet, western town of Sisters, followed by dinner at Tumalo Feed Co.

Pretty safe. They shouldn’t be able to embarrass me too much, right?

Wrong. Hubby and his siblings had tourist written all over them.



And then Mrs. Napkinhead showed up at dinner.


I can’t take them anywhere. 


Monday, August 25, 2014

Siblings retreat

Hubby’s mom and sibs are in central Oregon for a week. Pull out the cameras.


Weve never done a *siblings and mom-in-law* vacation together. Im exhausted from laughing so much. Great medicine for Hubby.


Mom-in-law and sibs, minus Steve  :(

Were in the small resort town of SunRiver. Deer in the backyard.


Couples taking turns cooking (does my heart good to see the Johnson men in the kitchen).


Eating way too much good food.


Homemade chili, cornbread and rhubarb cobbler for dinner tonight

Checking out the local mountain lakes.


And running the family ragged.


Having more fun than a bunch of old people ought to!


Monday, August 18, 2014

Creamed tuna on toast? Really?

Hubby’s siblings are already causing trouble even though we’re not scheduled to begin our vacation together until this weekend.

We’ve been shooting a flurry of e-mail back and forth planning menus when one of Hubby’s brothers made a suggestion: I do want mom to make cream tuna on toast but do not tell [my wife]!

Which got Hubby reflecting nostalgically on his childhood and how good his mom’s creamed tuna on toast was.

And then he pulled out a couple of family cookbooks, which really got me worried.

Thanks to the cancer center dietician, the new philosophy in our home around food is, What Hubby wants, Hubby gets.

Guess what we had for lunch today.


Hubby couldnt remember if his moms version had peas in it

I’m pleased to say that my creamed tuna on toast did not taste as good as mom-in-law’s version. Or at least as Hubby remembers it.

Which means I’ll always be able to say: Honey, I can’t make creamed tuna on toast because it just won’t taste as good as your mother’s.

Had me worried there for a minute.


Sunday August 17, 2014

Creating the life you want

Drake Park. The scene of this past week’s date. (Have I ever mentioned how much I look forward to Friday date night?)


Seafood for Hubby and teriyaki chicken for me, with foot traffic and water traffic for entertainment.


Inexpensive. Relaxing. Spending time side by side.

But then yesterday, I did something not so side-by-side. Hubby talked me into joining up with the cancer-kicking hike group. Probably to get me out of his hair (what hair there is after chemo).

Me: I don’t want you to feel left behind.

Hubby: I know how much you love hiking; I want you to go.

Although I enjoyed the exercise eight miles round trip with an 1100 elevation gain; and it was nice knowing I could keep up with the hike leader even though Hubby and I haven’t done a serious hike since pre-chemo and radiation days; and the scenery is incredibly beautiful, the trail never too far from the sound of Fall Creek tumbling down the mountain, still ...


... still, there was something missing. A hole in this photo where Hubby fits perfectly. A lonely spot in my heart along the trail.


One of the two Green Lakes, flanked by South Sister to the north

I don’t think I’ll be doing a lot of hiking without Hubby. Because time is precious. Because time represents life. Because we don’t know how much of our lives remain, whether we’re dealing with terminal cancer or not.

Someone wise once said, The time will pass anyway. You can either spend it creating the life you want, or spend it living the life you dont want. The choice is yours.

The life I want is living side-by-side in the moment with Hubby. Not shelving our dreams, but enjoying this time together (together being the key word). Heart overflowing with gratefulness. Counting blessings.

Side note: As much fun as date night is, to my logical way of thinking—which is something I do quite often, this logical thinking—Hubby and I should establish two date nights a week and double the fun. Right? 


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Johnson women unite

This is about trust in marriage. And how important it is.

Back story: Due to a blood clot in his leg, Hubby now has to give himself a shot in the stomach. Daily.

For some reason, he declined my generous offer to do it for him.


And then I overheard a conversation between Hubby and one of his brothers.

Bro-in-law: You oughta let Marlys do that for you.

Hubby: Nah. I don’t trust her. Hubby went on to tell his brother how I had once offered to clip his toenails ... and how I’d clipped the top of his toe in the process.

Sheesh, is he still bitter about that?

Bro-in-law: I don’t trust [my wife] to do anything for me either.

Laurel, Karen, Wendy, Cheryl – the Johnson women need to unite. (Not sure what we’d be protesting, but we need to unite.)

Side note: Hubby has several small bruises on his stomach. I am pleased to report that I am not responsible for any of them.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Every sandwich

We learned today that Hubby’s cancer has metastasized to his liver. Ten spots that weren’t there in May. His PSA count is at 103.

Once again, not the news we wanted to hear. But there’s still much of life to celebrate.

And so we visited a place in town we’ve never been to. Because we heard they make good Reuben sandwiches. And because every Tuesday evening at 6:30, a group of ukulele players entertains there.

And we know this because it was this same group that provided fabulous around-the-campfire-S’more-making music at Soaring Spirits Camp this past weekend.

David Letterman once interviewed Warren Zevon, a composer and performer, who was dying of lung cancer. Letterman asked, “From your perspective now, do you know something about life and death that maybe I don’t know?”

To which Zevon replied, “I know how much you’re supposed to enjoy every sandwich.”

Taking nothing for granted. Enjoying this husband. This ukulele music. This sandwich.



Sunday August 10, 2014

Cancer camp

Nothing says camp like running off the end of a dock, right?


The photos may look the same every year around this same time when St. Charles Cancer Center hosts its annual Soaring Spirits Cancer Survivor & Family Camp (ninety-two campers this year).

But they’re really quite different.

Sure, every year, one of our oncology nurses brings her horses.


And every year, co-worker and Crafts Queen Lizzi comes up with some pretty amazing craft projects – sun catchers, beading, decorating photo frames with a fun photo booth opportunity.

Every year, campers of all ages flail away with hammer and nails, creating birdhouses.


And every year there’s a writing workshop for would-be authors and a water color class for budding artists.



And always, plenty of water activity.


Quite impressive, a one-armed canoeist

And every year, marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate around an evening campfire – this year with a 15-member ukulele band playing lively S’more-making music (I can’t seem to get Runaround Sue out of my mind).


And every year we plant a tree during our Sunday morning Celebration of Life.


The photos may look very much like last year’s photos. And those from the year before.

But they’re different. Because they represent new campers and new friendships forged. The sharing of life and encouragement. The exchanging of e-mail addresses. People that were perfect strangers on Friday, hugging each other good-by this morning.

You wanna know one of my favorite things about our annual cancer camp?

This. These people.


St. Charles Cancer Center staff hard at work

We are all about helping create community to reassure cancer survivors and their caregivers that they are not alone on this journey. 

I get to work with some of the best people on the planet.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Frequent flyer

Its pretty bad, isnt it, when you walk into the surgery prep area and the nurse greets you by first name?

Today was our second visit in two days. Same male nurse checked Hubby in yesterday and today.



Same female nurse accessed his port. And the nurse who did his vitals? Shes done them before.


Christine and Katrina

Yesterday was Hubbys regularly scheduled nephrostomy tube replacement surgery. So we went through the up-at-5:00am-to-wait-in-the-hospital-for-hours routine.

And then Hubby decided he wanted to go back to the hospital in the middle of the night. And then again today. Something about kidney pain and tubes not draining. 

Really? A girl needs her beauty sleep, you know.

Just for the record, no beauty sleep was gotten during any of the aforementioned hospital visits. Well, except for the patient who peacefully dozed under a warmed blanket in a comfy hospital bed after being pampered by so many nurses, one of whom kept calling him sweetie.


Gotta love those St. Charles nurses.


Saturday, August 2, 2014


We walked a 3.2-mile loop of the Deschutes River trail today. A new distance record for Hubby since completion of chemo and radiation.


Weve also resumed our after-dinner walks. Earlier this week, I came across this flower growing out of a gutter in the neighborhood.

It reminds me of Hubby.



Not sure Hubby would want me to refer to him as a lovely flower. But I was thinking more along the lines of tenacity. One of my favorite words.

This flower has pluck. Hanging in there against all odds. Surviving in limited resources. Doing what it was created to do, despite not-so-great circumstances.

Yep. Hubby.


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